Building a log home is fun, exciting and very challenging.  It’s the dream home you have wanted for a lifetime.  In most cases it will be your final home where you will retire and rest peacefully.

This is what my wife (Renee) and I have wanted our whole lives and the very reason we contacted Dennis and Ben Lowe.   From the very beginning they were able to make all of our wishes and dreams come true, from the kitchen to the garage.  Several changes had to be made along the way and we admired the way Dennis and Ben made sure our dream stayed alive and intact.  Building a log home is a unique and exciting venture.  We did not have computer plans for our home it was all in our heads and we strongly admired how the Lowe Brothers were able to build the design we portrayed to them.  They made the project fun, interesting, and a very memorable experience.

I have built six homes in my lifetime and they were all short of nightmares with neither party wanting anything to do with the other.  This was clearly the opposite with Dennis and Ben.  We still meet, talk, and socialize and would not hesitate to highly recommend them!!!  Whether it is a log home or just a storage shed, they will work to make your dream a reality.


​Joe & Renee Saputo