Key Factors to Consider BEFORE You Make a

commitment or Deposit


Is Your Deposit Refundable?


 Lowe brothers Construction, Inc   believes in customer sevice. We will help you design you log home ,  and help you determine construction cost We will be happy to draw a set of  prelim plans of your custom log home at no cost to you.  our goal is to help you build a custom log home to fit your budget & family needs


Lowe brothers construction, Inc  will refund up to  100% of your deposit prior to a final contract being signed  , final plans being engineered  and delivery date being scheduled  all refund are subject to the terms of the contract agreement.  (  please feel free to ask to see our contracts  refund policy )



Understand What Your Getting in Your Package.


All companies clam to have a complete log home package.  As a veteran log home builder i can tell you Some offer more than others in materials and in the quality of their materials.  So how do you learn the difference?  That's EASY.  ( Ask Lowe Brothers Construction, Inc  )  

Item Typically Excluded From Log Packages

At Lowe Brothers Construction, Inc  we have over 28 years experience in the construction field building for most of the major log home manufacturers.  ( don't get caught up in high pressure sales gimmick & Discounts .) take your time . Do your research , compair apples to apples .  We are qualified to give you a non bias breakdown, apples to apples  comparison , with the variouse companies your considering , so you see exactly what is included in there package and what else is needed to purchase to complete your log home  along with and good understanding of what products will best fit your family needs and budget. also we will be happy to help you find the >> Trades needed to complete a log home. 

Keep in mind that building codes and costs differ greatly from each state and from each county so always have a contractor determine the costs of building in your area.  A sales person may have some basic knowledge in building a log home, however, they may not know the codes or cost of building in your area. 

Know and Understand the Energy Efficiency of Your Log Home.

Any log home you purchase should be IECC compliant, IECC stands for International Environmental Code Compliancy.  What this means to you is that your log home is energy efficient for the climate zone that you build in.  Log Homes and More deals with log home manufacturers  rated to  built in any climate zone, from the tropics to the arctics. 

Lowe Brorthers  is also a environmentally friendly .  company


* 2009 IECC Codes

* R-Factor of Wood Species

* R-Factor - Thermo Mass

* Fact & Myths About Termo Mass




Manufacturers' financial stability.


Before giving a  salesmen your deposit , reserch the log home manufacturer  on line and past history

Key things to ask about your log home manufacturer are:​


1.  Debt to net worth ratio

2.  Total debt to total asset ratio

3.  Cash flow to current maturity of long-term debt

4.  Current ratio

(for more information about these questions click here)